Artists Trail 2017
8-9 & 15-16 July
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Grow Mayow Community Gardens | Drawing, Fine Art, Glass, Installation, Jewellery, Photography, Prints, Upholstery, Wood Carving |
Artist Trail Dates 9th, 15th & 16th July - Closed Sat 8th July    Artist Trail Times 11am-5pm at weekend various time during the week    Artist Trail Times Grow Mayow Community Gardens, Mayow Park, SE26 4JA

Grow Mayow Community Garden is a non for profit community garden, run by and for volunteers and by manager coordinator Iris. It’s a place which Cares for the environment – soil, plants, water and wildlife. Offers all people access to green, breathing space, for relaxation and leisure. Demonstrates practical ideas for healthy living – growing food, recycling waste, art and using organic principles.

The lovely gardens at Grow Mayow will be used by eight artists to exhibit their art and demonstrate their skills: artists Nick Richards a painter and Simon Farnhell  a digitally manipulated photographer artist will display their art in the barns and Nick will give portrait sketching demonstrations; Shelly of Spring and Twine upholstery business will open her  shed and demonstrate her furniture rejuvenating skills;  photographer Ky Lewis will run a number of Cyanotype printing and Lumen/Chemigram printing workshops: Dave Evans will carve bowls and spoons from local wood (and will let you find out how muesli tastes from the finished products!); Bruce Harrison will attempt to repair a broken leaded glass panel and Liz Pearson – AngelHeart – will exhibit her eclectic and individual collection of jewellery. Last but not least, by July two installation artists will have installed their pieces somewhere in or on or around the gardens – Jacqueline Pennell and Angela Wright (Angela installed the Christening robes for the recently restored bells at Southwark Cathedral last year while Jackie elevated her house in Recreation Road for us two years ago and floated mirrors on the pond in Dacres Wood Nature Reserve last year – we can’t wait to see what they come up with this year).  See our workshops and demonstrations pages for times and details.