Artists Trail 2017
8-9 & 15-16 July
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Quaggy Printmakers | Etching, Screen Printing |
Artist Trail Dates 3rd to 30th July    Artist Trail Times Bistro opening hours   Artist Trail Times On The Hoof Bistro 23 Sydenham Road SE26 5EX

An exciting and diverse group of printmakers brought together at Adult Learning Lewisham studio facilities near the Quaggy river in Lewisham.

The following artists will be exhibiting their work. Click on their name to see their artist page:

Joanna Acaster-Davis screen prints, acquaints & chine-collé

Ros Pike – screen prints

Leena Ceccolini – etchings

Sarah Gursoy Heuser – etchings & screen prints

Maire D’Eathe Quinn – etchings & woodcuts

Steve Owen – screen prints

Anita Nita – drawings, etchings & watercolour painting

Rachel Mooney – etchings

Lizzie Schiraldi – screen prints

Lucy Walker

Mark Barnard

Maria Munroe

Lucy Cooper

Laurent Duriaud

Kim Peluffo

Craig Hilton

Carole Dickens



More to follow ….