Artists Trail 2016
2-3 & 9-10 July
Sellotape Sculptures – Portfolio 2 | Fine Art |
Artist Trail Dates 9-10 July    Artist Trail Times 11am-5pm    Artist Trail Times 2 Earlsthorpe Road, SE26 4PD

Walk through a rainforest created from sellotape and upcycled plastic. Made by home educated and schooled children and adults. Also showing are inspirational drawings and GCSE artwork taken outside school.

The Brief:
To create rainforest vegetation using sellotape and up-cycled plastic for a collaborative installation for the Artists Trail 2016

Starting Point:
Drawing plants and animals
Media : pencil, colouring pencil, collage, stencil making and sponging with watercolour paints

Working with sellotape to create clear sculptures
Cutting and bending up-cycled plastics to create rainforest-like vegetation

The creation of 3D work developed from drawn work and discussion of ideas
Medium: Sellotape, any clear discarded plastic – blister packs, bottles, packaging/cable ties/sharpie pens/glue gun/coloured tapes etc!

Tutor: Pippa Stacey