Great War Contribute Book the Classroom

Book the Great War Classroom

The Great War Classroom is available to visit schools and venues in June and July 2016.

Contact or 020 8659 7911 for more details.

The immersive workshops will give groups of schoolchildren and other community participants a uniquely personal opportunity to engage with and contribute to the heritage research. A professional actor/writer will be engaged as part of the project to create theatrically a teacher character, based on a real‐life teacher of the period. As well as allowing participants to share the fruits of the project’s research, they will also contribute to the project as they engage with and react to the unfamiliar and perhaps surprising aspects of a classroom experience of 1916, contrasted with their personal impressions of modern education. The immersive sessions will therefore be quite improvisational, allowing and encouraging participants to engage with, explore and contribute their own views and reactions.