Artists Trail 2020
June 27-28
13 - 14 July
Dawn McDonald | Sculpture |
Artist Trail Dates Second weekend    Artist Trail Times 11am-5pm    Artist Trail Times Forest Hill School Dacres Road SE23 2XN

‘With a passion for the human form my life is a symbiotic, if uneasy, combination of my work as a sculptor and my physiological measurement work for the NHS as a healthcare scientist. I feel that depth is added to my work by meeting people of all stages of life, all backgrounds, and hearing their stories daily. I have however reduced my hours of paid employment to conserve energy for my artwork. My mediums are aluminium mesh, plaster, stone, clay, and more recently cast pewter. Prior to 2006 I worked in 2D using oil and ink.’


  • Candid Gallery Christmas Fair, Islington, 2018. 
  • Art Academy end of year show 2013, 2009.
  • Oil Paintings displayed at ‘Herbivores Café’ Manchester, 2003.