Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Hannah Andrews | Sculpture |
Artist Trail Dates From May 2020   

My work is exploring installations and assemblages with every-day and found objects.

I am interested in these objects and their role as artworks, but also the relationships with their original contexts. The objects that I select for my sculptures are chosen instinctually based upon the object’s formal characteristics. The objects and materials are sourced from industrial skips and suburban environments in the local area, this causes the resulting outcomes to reflect my personal surroundings.  The origin of each material, and familiarity, is not something that I want to argue against, I wish to embrace the space from which they came and simply elevate them with admiration of their innate formal characteristics.

This desire to maintain the object’s original condition is rooted in a broader exploration of authenticity. I choose to work with tangible objects as opposed to a technological medium as a way of escaping the ever-expanding virtual world that rules many aspects of Western modern life. Working with physical materials such as wood, cement, and calico fabric offer an engagement with the present that I believe we, as a society, lack due to our relationships with mobile phones, etc. When I am working with these materials, I am focused on the physical qualities that they possess at the time and in the space, whereas often with technology we are focused upon someone or somewhere else other than our own environment and experiences. This way of working explores authenticity in the sense of truth, each object and material are what they claim to be and provide an experience and quality that is tangible and real.

The way in which I handle my materials is deeply centred in my practice. All movement of my materials from the place that they are found to the studio is conducted by me without the aid of a car. I source, carry, and compose these often weighty objects using only physical strength and peer assistance, this is important to me because it forges a connection between myself and the materials that I am working with, by feeling the weight, texture, and essence of each object I am able to deepen my understanding of how each element will function alone and within a construction. Forces and balance play a major role in my composition of objects, I spend time considering each material, the weight, texture, flexibility, etc and aim to showcase qualities of each individual component through my compositions. A heavy object e.g. a brick can provide support and weight to a sculpture whilst an innately flexible object e.g. a duvet will stretch and curve to accommodate other materials.

By pulling objects from an every-day setting and transforming them into artworks, I hope to provoke the audience to think further about these mundane objects and to alter their perceptions of the capabilities and worth of such objects.

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