Financial Support Urgently Needed

No one can hide from the financial turmoil that the UK is currently facing.  Sydenham Arts are also having to face the stark reality of financial instability.

2015/16 has seen catastrophic cuts to local and national arts funding. Lewisham Council has warned all its funded organisations (including us) that there will be up to a 25% cut in grants in 2016/17 and without access to European funding more arts organisations will be applying to the already limited funding pots.  As a result it is likely that a number of organisations will face closure or heavy reductions in activity.

We are incredibly lucky to have unwavering support from local businesses and my small team of staff and our numerous volunteers give 110% to ensure everyone enjoys the experience of a Sydenham Arts event.  I can’t pretend this is easy in the current climate – we face hard times ahead.  We do not want to be constantly passing round the begging bowl, but to deliver the  summer festival and ensure a robust programme for the next twelve months we need financial help.

Please support us so that we can continue to bring activities to Sydenham and the surrounding area – it is easy to take us for granted, but once we are gone we know we will be missed.

We have a brilliant lineup of events this July and we hope that there is at least one event that will interest you. If you are unable to give we hope that you will join us – over 50% of our events are free in our continued effort to be accessible to all.

To make supporting Sydenham Arts easy we have set up a crowdfunding campaign. Clicking on the link below will direct you to where you can pledge and every pound will count.

Helen Goward
Managing Director