We’re going to be encouraging festival goers to share their photos of Sydenham Arts events they attend.

When posting to social media, Twitter, etc, please include @sydartsfest and use the hashtag #sydarts

To find out more, email

Below is a guide for photographers during festival which should give you some guidance on taking photos of events this summer.

Guide for photographers during festival

photography-workshop-filmstrip-bm-compressor1. Role – The photographers’ role is to take photos of events and share the photos with us (using social media, email, Google Drive etc.) – preferably on the day of the event, or the following day.

2. JPEGs – Ideally photos will be JPEGs, and each one roughly between 1 and 7 MB in size.

3. Avoid distracting the audience and performers – Where possible, photographers should avoid distracting the audience with noise or movements. Should you use flash? For indoor performances, in general, the answer is: no. It’s always best if you can have a word with the performer or organiser in advance. Unless agreed otherwise – do not use flash for indoor performances while a performance is in progress.

4. Sharing – How many images should I share? Send us up to 10 of your best images from each event you cover (using social media, email, Google Drive etc). With your best photo – please share that on Twitter etc. using the hashtag #sydarts

Further notes for volunteer photographers

  • Volunteer photographers can pick up a festival maker t-shirt from the Sydenham Arts office.
  • Photographers keep copyright but should grant us rights to use for our own publicity purposes – we will credit photos if used
  • Photos should show a range of activities – not only performance, but audience enjoying, quirky ‘people interest’ shots and unusual angles of familiar locations
  • Try to capture the community-based, cross-cultural and inclusive nature of the festival
  • Always ask permission of parents if taking photos where children appear
  • If photographing a performance, especially indoors, arrange with organiser if you can visit earlier to photograph rehearsals, and get permission from performers – maybe even do some ‘set up’ shots
  • Funding bodies require us to produce documentary evidence of the work we do – photography is a really important part of this!
  • Have fun, enjoy the festival, and be part of south east London’s best arts festival!