What is poetry town?

Poetry Town began in 2015 with a weekly poem displayed in the window of Kirkdale Bookshop. Following overwhelmingly positive responses from customers we have decided to partner with Sydenham Arts to build on the idea and fill Sydenham with poetry­ not just by famous poets but by local people, both young and old.
Friday by Forough Farrokhzad (1934-1967)
11th October 2017

Quiet Friday 
deserted Friday 
Friday saddening like old alleys 
Friday of lazy ailing thoughts 
Friday of noisome sinuous stretches 
Friday of no anticipation 
Friday of submission.


  Empty house 
lonesome house 
house locked against the onslaught of youth 
house of darkness and fantasies of the sun 
house of loneliness, augury and indecision 
house of curtains, books, cupboards, picture.

  Ah, how my life flowed silent and serene 
like a deep-running stream 
through the heart of such silent, deserted Fridays 
through the heart of such empty cheerless houses 
ah, how my life flowed silent and serene.