What is poetry town?

Poetry Town began in 2015 with a weekly poem displayed in the window of Kirkdale Bookshop. Following overwhelmingly positive responses from customers we have decided to partner with Sydenham Arts to build on the idea and fill Sydenham with poetry­ not just by famous poets but by local people, both young and old.
The Sand Witch by Robin Pilcher
25th July 2018

Beware, beware the sand witch

Who sweeps across the shore

And sprinkles sand in ice-cream cones,

Wreaks havoc, more and more.


She buries shards of broken glass

To slice unwary feet,

Calls up the sun to burn your bum

As you lie fast asleep.


She’ll gobble up the coins you drop,

Etch patterns on your Kindle

Throw sand into your mobile phone

Your happiness will dwindle.


As you sit upon the sand,

Take heed what lies beneath:

She’ll salt your chips with silica

To grind and crack your teeth.


So, when you go on holiday

And venture on the beach,

Remember, she’ll be waiting there –

You’re well within her reach.