Poetry Competition: Our Winners

Sydenham Arts’ second annual competition, ‘We Could Be Heroes’ in partnership with Alarms & Excursions and Kirkdale Bookshop.  Racheal Joseph and I had the unenviable task of judging the 2018 Sydenham Arts Poetry Competition.   After hours of agonising over the top five, we finally came up with three well deserved winners.

1st Prize Mr. Williams by Doreen Hinchliffe

2nd Prize The Longest Wait by Philip Burton

3rd Prize Tommy at Seventy by Mantz Yorke

There were so many others vying for fourth place, we decided to award these poems commended status. Their authors were:

Ada by Doreen Hinchliffe

Yetta at 98 by Caroline Gilfillan

Jocelyn Bell Burnell Speaks by Derek Sellen

Firefighter by Mrs K A Easton

Hero by Felix Hornby

Hero by Alicia Chandwani

Words for my wife by William Greig

Dementia by Fiona Ludlow

Father by Fiona Ludlow

A number of other entries were very good, but did not follow the theme of the competition, so sadly we had to rule them as ineligible.  We’ll be back with a new competition next year. In the meantime, our thanks go to Racheal for judging, Kirkdale Bookshop and Alarms & Excursions for financial support and Sydenham Arts for administering the competition.

See you next year!

Isabel White (Alarms & Excursions)