Calling all Poets!

Sydenham Community Poem.

Yes, a chance to help build the very first Sydenham Community poem. Contribute up to 4 lines and we will mould these into a wonderful poetic piece as part of our Poetry Town project.. The theme: anything connected with Sydenham: personal, public, good, challenging – let your pen do the work.

If you can, write in iambic pentameters – it sounds complicated but it really only means 5 beats to a line, like this one:

As I walked out upon this sunny day

(the strong beat is underlined).

Take a look at Shakespeare’s sonnets. They are all in iambic pentameters.


Don’t try and rhyme unless you absolutely have to, so we can mesh the different poems together. You can do it on your own, families can do it together, groups can do it…write, write, write and email us at by at least June 29th.

Then if you want, come and read your section at a special event as part of Sydenham Arts Festival on July 2nd, 2pm at Queensthorpe Square.

Any queries, drop me, the poet in residence for the festival, a note.

Gale Burns