The Sydenham Community Poem

The Sydenham Community Poem

Sydenham is pretty and full of trees
Full of great shops and men who cut keys
Coffee shops, bars and places to eat
You can even have someone massage your feet
Shackleton, Paxton, baird and pissaro
The new Turkish deli is like eating in Cairo                                                                   Dan Crowley

From Sandy Powell, John Logie Baird, Bill Wyman, to Bud Flannagan of Allen,
From Eleanor Marx, Jason Staham, Margaret Lockwood to explorer Shackleton
Add Bowie, Lalique and WG Grace
All make up the name that makes up this place.                                                         Mark Mawston

Once noble greyhound over there.
No wonder people stop and stare.
Good you were but are no more.
Since hand of developer knocked your door.                                                              Colin Snowden

The people slide across the window pane,
alive and vibrant stories to tell us,
our community lives within us here,
helping each person as they slide by us.                                                                     Amar Billing

From River Poole at Lower Sydenham start
with heavy loads of shopping bags to cart
A slight and steady amble to Home Park
where in the Library began our learning art                                                                  Andrew

Syd and Em how could you forget them
As they stroll down the High Street for a cuppa
They’ll pick up some fish to make a fish dish
That they can have, with some wine, for their supper.                                                June Hood

I see 24 flavours, which one to pick?
Oreo, White chocolate, Snickers  …Pistachio
So many to choose from for my double trouble waffle;
On the counter I see an array of brownies
At this point I’ve forgotten all about the calories.
This must be food heaven or a touch of Paradise
The place to be is Cherry & Ice                                                                            William (Cherry and Ice)

We work in a place called Smart Chaps.
Location: sydenham to groom lads
Beard trims the lot we do that
Best barbers in town. Ya hear that.                                                                      Jay

Be it a Mop & Bucket or Screws & Nails
There’s a leak in the bathroom
Dad can you fix that! (Sydenham DIY)
Time to get healthy at number 19,
Well Being supplies for people in need.
Fairtrade, organic and supplements too,
We open our doors, can’t wait to see you!                               Charlie Spear – Well Being Health Foods

Its here, its here, its Sydenham Arts gagin,
Tell your friends, your family and anyone around.
Don’t forget St Christophers shop,
Where there’s bargains to be found                                          Karen (St Christophers)

Celebrate the arts, celebrate Sydenham,
all the parts, hearts, larks.
Whatever you search, celebrate Sydenham!                            Jonathon (St Christ)

Rain or shine, its festival time.
drama, poetry, music – just loose it!                                        Jane Somos (St Christ)

thru Sydenham High Street, driving
to nursery, we grandparent our
little ones with LYDLy songs
tiddle-LYDL, fiddle-diddle tiddle-LYDL                                    Sarah Williams

What does a Greyhound do when it retires?
The pub that gathered weeds for many years
Has been remade. When someone signs the lease,
Both past and future pints will cheer our hearts.                    Roland

The high street is an open door
and if the welcome mat’s seen better days
then here’s my foot, left on the step
to keep the welcome door ajar                                               Jonathan Gibbs

Purple downs beckon away from
the glass of London life, while sleeping
Sydenham stretches out safe Victorian
and post war in-fill over heath and farm.                                Elizabeth Davies

“Few suburbs have themselves a market square
Yet you should see ours when the weather’s fair
With local handicrafts and all things good
Fresh music while you eat some fine fresh food.”                  David Williams

Gale Burns and poem contributors reading The Community Poem (2/7/16)