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Welcome to a place for arts, creativity and community, providing the beating heart of culture in Sydenham.

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Performer speaking to an audience of people, with a Microphone in her hand. The lighting on the stage is purple, and two speakers stand at either side of the stage.

We’re a registered charity providing arts activities and events all year round from our permanent home and performance space at the Sydenham Centre and the surrounding area. We’re committed to providing a platform for emerging, local artists as well as bringing in high quality, established artists to the area and using creativity to improve the lives of local people.

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Coming Up

  • Sydenham Arts Film Quiz

    Sydenham Arts Film Quiz

    It's the end of another pretty apocalyptic year, in which we've finally managed to get back to the cinema and our local screenings!

    To celebrate, we're ending the year with a Film Quiz extravaganza at our friends Ingition Brewery's Tap Room.

    Teams, Assemble!

    Thu December 9, 2021 7:30PM
    Ignition Brewery Tap Room, The Sydenham Centre, SE26 5QF
  • Window Wanderland- One Planet

    Window Wanderland- One Planet

    Welcome to the second year of Sydenham Arts Window Wanderland- A covid-friendly event which you can all get involved in from your homes.

    Fri December 10, 2021 5:30PM
    Sydenham (Various)

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