Wellness Park

Welcome to Wellness Park - a guided wellbeing journey through the majestic Sydenham Wells Park.


Sydenham Wells Park

Wells Park

Local artist Roshi Nasehi has been collecting memories, stories and lesser-known facts about our very own Sydenham Wells Park to create a mindful journey and audio art piece, guiding us through this plentiful green space. The piece is designed so that you can either listen at home, or take a walk through the park to connect with each area of the park, whilst listening to the piece.

Below, you’ll find a map which shows roughly where to start each track, and a route to follow. Of course, feel free to wander around the park more freely, or wherever you may be listening.

Please remember to follow social distancing guidance when out and about!

All the tracks are provided - you can listen to them here, through Soundcloud, or on most streaming platforms.

There’s also some interesting links to some further listening/reading at the bottom of this page!

Our thanks to all contributors to the project, and Graham Dowdall for mastering. Created with the support of Lewisham Council Micro Commissions.

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Further Reading

Wellness Park

If you’re interested in learning even more about the park and local area, check out the below links to continue your journey of discovery!

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