Virtual Artists Trail

Welcome to the Sydenham Arts Virtual Artists Trail.

Artists with video or 3D 

The 3D virtual galleries are best viewed on a PC or laptop as they don’t always work on other platforms e.g. some mobile phones and some tablets. Please see the Viewing Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide at the foot of the page 

Artists Choice Gallery (NEW – 3D) A selection of their favourite images chosen by artists in the Artists Trail
Boutzie R (NEW – Video) Fine Art, Video
Constanza Miranda (NEW– 3D) Photography
Diana Galimzyanova (NEW – Video)
eTCH studio23 (NEW – 3D) Prints
Evgenia Smoliakova (NEW – 3D) Textiles
MA Camberwell Printmakers 2020 (NEW – 3D) Fiona Cadwallader (Mixed Media), Gill Scott (Mixed Media), Lilophilia (Mixed Media), Paul Sharrock (Mixed Media), Silvia Christobal Alonso (Photography, Prints), Zoltan Marfy (Photography)
Sally Ward (NEW – 3D) Sculpture, Mixed Media & Paintings
Abraham Falcon (Video)
Anne and Bruce Harrison Archive 2010-2017 and Aboretum (3D) Watercolour, Etching, Glass, Drawings & Screenprints
Art of the month for May (3D) Some of our favourite images submitted during the first two weeks of May
Claude Perera (3D) Screenprinting
David Bickley (Video)
Diana McKinnon (3D) Textile Art
Forest Hill School Art Hub (3D) A Level and GCSE Art
James Hodgson (3D) Fine Art, Installations, Mixed Media & Sculpture
Jez Mallinson (3D ) Jewellery
Kayleigh Shepherd (3D ) Paintings
Keith Knox (3D ) Watercolour Paintings
Kevin Dolan (3D) Digital Art
Laurence Taylor (3D) Photography
Leila Khasal (3D) Jewellery, clothing & textiles
Lilian Chow (3D) Fine Art & Mixed Media
Pippa Stacey (3D) Glass
Pippa Stacey Student Gallery (3D) GCSE, Home Educated, Schooled and Adult Students
Sydenham Artists Trail  2019 (3D) Selection of art exhibited in 2019
Ania Marzec-Manser – ‘How I See You – Faces From Rotherhithe’ Exhibition (3D) Watercolour Paintings


These galleries contain details of artists, their social media and of course images of their art. They are in alphabetical order within the relevant art category. [click on their names to link to their gallery]

Childrens Art

Drawing Classes with Pippa Stacey (with 3D virtual art gallery)
Forest Hill School Art Hub (with 3D virtual art gallery)
GCSE Art out of school with Pippa Stacey – ‘Concealment’
GCSE Art out of school with Pippa Stacey – ‘Reflection’ (with 3D virtual art gallery)


Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery, Sculpture, Textiles & Wood.

Andrew Knee Diana McKinnon Glenn Lewis
Italo Manrique Jayne Williams Designs Jez Mallinson
Leila Khasal Linda Litchfield Liz Pearson – Angelheart
Mercedes Oakley Minette’s Den Ceramics Pat Rae
Pip McCormack  Pippa Stacey Poppy Jones-Little
Pots in the City Rawlston Warner Ruty Benjamini
Sally Spinks Sally Ward Shani Zahav
Sophie Home Veena Wendy Arnold-Dean
White Peak Jewellery

Fine Art & Photography

Abraham Falcon Adam Marshall Alain Speed
Alison Day Andrea Blair Angela Wright
Anna Lovely Gallery Aurelie Crisetig Bodies & Botanicals
Boutzie R Caroline Lee Chloe Laurence
Claude Perera Constanza Miranda David Bickley
Diana Galimzyanova EDB Animal Portraiture Emily Brand Art
Emma Drury O’Rourke eTCH studio23 Eve Turner
Fay Watson Fiona Cadwallader Freya Tewelde
Galina Stefanova Gareth Morgan Gen Williams
Gill Scott Gillian Richards Glenn Lewis
Hannah Andrews Jacqueline Benn Jacqueline Boardman
Jacqueline Pennell James Hodgson James O’Hara
Jamesalex Jane Peng Kaoru Shibuta
Kayleigh Shepard Keith Knox Kevin Dolan 
Kim Minuti Kim Peluffo Kitty Jenkins
Laurence Taylor Lilian Chow Lilophilia
Lisa Muten Lizzy Schiraldi Louise Hardy
Marcia Reveron Mary Gordon-Smith Me On The Map
Misa Gott Monika Cilmi Pat Rae
Patrick Lovely Paul Sharrock Paul Stack
Pupak Navabpour Rachel Mooney Richard James Benbow
Rupa Sharma Ruth Lewis Sally Kelly
Sally Ward Silvia Cristóbal Alonso Simon Farnhell
Steve Owen Suzanne O’Connor Veena
Wenderific Yoke Matze Zoltan Marfy

3D Gallery Viewing Instructions
Click on any of the links above to view a gallery. Let it load – it might take a minute – then press the ‘Start the guided tour’ arrow  – like the play button on your TV remote control.
Have your device’s sound on as some have background music – or turn the sound off if you want to browse the art in silence. There is also a ‘sound control’ icon at the top right of the gallery screen.
If the guided tour is too slow for you you can press the ‘next guide point’ arrow to see the next image, or the ‘previous guide point’ arrow if you want to go back to look at an image for longer. You may also press the ‘stop the guided tour’ button
The exhibitions look best in full-screen mode – there is a ‘full-screen’  icon at the top right of the gallery screen
3D GalleryTroubleshooting Guide
We have experienced problems viewing some 3D galleries on some devices. Please bear these issues in mind when you decide whether to invest time and money in a 3D gallery.
These are some of the problems we have experienced:
You get stuck in a gallery. If so you can move around by clicking on the gallery floor plan – click the icon at the bottom left to see the floor plan.
The gallery door doesn’t open. If so click on the door and it will open.
You get really stuck in a gallery. If so just close the exhibition.
The music doesn’t stop when you have exited a gallery or it plays over the new music when you view a new gallery. It’s very annoying and you will have to restart your device to stop the music!
The exhibition doesn’t work on your device (phones or tablets). You might receive an ‘unsupported device’ message and be requested to download the appropriate app (ArtSteps) using Google Play or AppStore. When you have downloaded, installed and opened ArtSteps it might work. Even then you might only have a partial exhibition: sometimes there are no walls; sometimes no guided tour; sometimes no music; sometimes nothing at all. We are very sorry about these issues.
You should still be able to view the exhibitions on a laptop or PC – and arguably the art is best viewed on a larger screen.