Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Alison Day | Drawing, Photography, Watercolour Paintings |
Artist Trail Dates From June 2020   

‘I am a practicing artist working in both the mediums of Black and White Photography and also Botanical Illustration.

My photographic work started through an interest in the landscape and a desire to document Social and political events that I was experiencing (I have documenting Peace and Protest marches since the Poll Tax Riot) Now in more recent times, I look to document issues of both cultural and political popular concern) When studying for an MA in Image and Communication , (Dip Fine Art, Bsc Botany 2.1 Dunelm) my work explored the representation of the nude from a psychoanalytical perspective. 

After a serious bike accident I began to draw again, being unable to walk much or at all, so needed a studio based work. The botanical work arose out of this time. It comprises both drawings and watercolours. The drawings reflect knowledge and love for wild flowers. This was gained through an immersion in the countryside as a child, and completing a degree in Botany in 1982. 

Now as a 60 year old I source my material (both for drawing and photographing) here in Lewisham and when possible the wider scope of London. As a younger woman most of my landscape work and inspiration was to be found on the coast of Northumberland. 

All my work is carefully observed and detailed. All my photographic work is printed by myself in my darkroom. The drawings and watercolours executed after several hours of observation, trying to capture something before it dies/or wilts. Working during a fleeting period of time.

I also make/build/create/sow/brew/package everything else.  My work is not only about concept/product but about the process of creating, of being immersed in the activity even if may seem pointless or boring to an outsider. For instance, collecting, drying and hulling seeds for my plants/wild flowers and packaging them up in recycled envelopes can be tedious and exasperating…cluttering up my small living space…but the point is that eventually something beautiful will emerge…if not for me for someone else. 

I currently have a studio at The Lewisham Arthouse, but like everyone one else at this time I am improvising at home.

In more ‘normal times’ I also run classes in photography, botanical illustration and 2D arts for children. Details of which can be found on my website.

Sales and enquiries: Please contact Alison via email