Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Angela Wright | Installation |
Artist Trail Dates From June 2020   

‘Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art, I have made site-specific installations in galleries, churches and corporate buildings, underground car parks and street locations. Finding a location in which I feel a sense of ‘connection’ starts the process.
I begin to explore this potential and by this process I find out what it is that I can make that will relate to my discovered place. I am sometimes told by visitors that it feels as if my work has ‘always been there’, that it is ‘very much a part of the place’.
I often make large works in architectural spaces, particularly churches which are rich environments of light, history and a sense of spirituality, however I am just as interested in an underground car park. It is the challenge to relate to a location in a meaningful way that is my work’s most important aspect.
The works I install in public buildings and locations grow from studio sketches and are often made from multiple parts. These parts are often difficult and time consuming to produce, requiring repetitive actions which can be physically demanding.
The works reach finality only in their chosen site, revealing their sensational and evocative potential in reciprocation with its character and use. I cannot guarantee a work’s results before its actual installation, its content remains uncertain until revealed via the effects and meanings its environment affords. This sense of risk seems to be an essential part of the process of realising a piece of work – an emotional correlative of the fact that it is often physically fragile, easily broken and vulnerably placed, testing the duration of its existence.’