Artists Trail 2020
June 27-28
13 - 14 July
Anita Nita | Drawing, Etching, Watercolour Paintings, Woodcuts |
Artist Trail Dates Both Weekends    Artist Trail Times 11am-5pm    Artist Trail Times Forest Hill School Dacres Road SE23 2XN

The Sideways Glance Collection are briefly seen impressions, images conceived in the blink of an eye. The viewer has not yet arrived to the scene or alternatively, the viewer exited just as the pose was struck.

 “Paths” are not entered, but glanced whilst hurrying past. At a glance neighbors come into view, standing silhouetted and still, figures unaware of intrusion. When a wave ripples the water surface, a streak of sunlight appears, disappears, and then reappears.

 The Collection includes intaglio prints, here the pressure of the press forces paper into an engraved plate. The engraved line bites into the paper, embossing the page. Likewise watercolor paintings can be “embossed” by carving, scraping, and spattering. 

 This embossing produces an image rooted into the paper, lending a solid foundation to my Sideways Glance which would otherwise be ephemeral, and fleeting.