Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Evgenia Smoliakova | Textiles |
Artist Trail Dates From July 2020   
Evgenia is a Textile Artist working in hand weaving and painting on fabrics technics. She is a professional artist, studied in Russia and France. She is a member of the Society of Аrts-Siences-Lettres and gained from them the tin medal in 2019. Her artistic approach includes a variety of international exhibitions in Russia, France, Great Britain and Israel: winner in the international festival “Russian seasons in Paris 110 years”, Yekaterinburg (2019), international exhibition “Createures du siècle”, Vittel (2019), international festival of poetry and art “Art-Poetry” in Tel Aviv (2019), participating in Fourth international Salon of Fine Arts in Thionville (2019), Third Russian triennial of modern tapestry at the Tsaritsino Museum, Moscow (2019), “Chapter I”, London (2018) etc.
One of her major inspirations is nature. Evgenia focuses on the interaction of nature and man, on the intertwining of their lives and their influence on each other. Weaving is very suitable for transmitting this relationship. Also in her work there is an influence of Russian culture and folklore. Each work contains multiple levels of images: the obvious and additional. She extends the image with colour and textures.
In addition to textile, Evgenia draws with oil pastels en plein airs.

Sales and enquiries: Please contact Evgenia via email