Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
GCSE Art out of school with Pippa Stacey – ‘Concealment’ | Drawing, Fine Art |
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James Appleton (age 15) created a folder of work which ranged from optical illusions through to textural play with cardboard. His ‘Lost Mask’ became a collaged labour of love right down to each leaf being individually painted and each piece of card worked into tirelessly with pastel and biro

Oscar Bugden (age 15) ‘G(l)ass Mask’ is a multi-layered piece of glasswork built up with each layer painted with a small part of the subject. Oscar became very confident and able using traditional glass paint, etching out fine details on each layer of glass

Jemima Douglass (age 12) ‘Country Pumpkin Sliced’ was inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusama. Jemima’s ceramic 3D work grew from lovely drawn and painted 2D work with textures she translated cleverly into clay

Ella Edwards (age 15) ‘Me + My Shadow’ is a small concertina book of eight artworks. Ella worked with light and shadow creating small self portraits depicting only where light lit her face. The work is painted with ink, acrylic and stitched threads

Connor Treacy (age 15) Connor’s love for his dog became the ‘hidden’ subject of his ‘Eyes’ self portrait. Inspired by MC Escher’s detailed work Connor created a drawn self portrait focusing on the reflections in his eyes.

Artwork developed over two years of study with Pippa Stacey.


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