Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
GCSE Art out of school with Pippa Stacey – ‘Reflection’ | Drawing, Fine Art |
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 GCSE Coursework  ‘REFLECTION’

James Appleton (age 15) ‘Venetian Glass’ is a tryptic in two layers of glass. James used traditional glass paint to etch one layer in black and the other in colour. The two glass layers give a feeling of perpective. This became an immersive and contemplative working method for James

Oscar Bugden (age 15) ‘City Reflection’ is a series of lino cuts inspired by a photograph of the London Eye. Oscar produced several prints experimenting with different papers to create the feeling of the changing light and time of day

Jemima Douglass (age 12)  This final piece of Jemima’s is a self portrait reflecting on her happy and sad states of being. The scale is a life-size portrait with the outcome of an outsize playing card to show her lively personality as depicted on the back of the card

Ella Edwards (age 15) ‘Venomous Seascape’ is a painting of a layered artwork. Ella had made a glass ‘seascape’ from fusing clear glass. This ‘seascape’ was placed on top of one of her still life paintings of coloured bottles. This immediately added reflections of light and colour to her original still life making an exciting composition for a final piece

Connor Treacy (age 15) Connor’s ‘Still Pool’ is a work in watercolour and colouring pencil. He has created the feeling of still water in a swimming pool empty of people – perhaps he was unconsciously predicting the future of our current COVID-19 lifestyle?

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