Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Gen Williams | Drawing, Mixed Media, Paintings |
Artist Trail Dates From May 2020   
Gen Williams is a mixed media artist based in Sydenham. Traditionally working around portraiture and urban landscapes, the series submitted for the Sydenham Artists Trail is her first foray into abstract art, and combines her love of colour and fine detail with an exploration of form and the tension between delicate and robust materials, from gold leaf and plant fibres to wall emulsion and steel wire. Several of the works explore belief systems and the way we relate to the world as we perceive it, and two of the works are inspired by ITER, the world’s largest nuclear fusion experiment, collaborating across 35 nations, which seeks to revolutionise our search for sustainable, clean energy. [ITER has since extended an invitation for her to visit the site in France to explore the project in further works.]
All the artwork is 192mm square.
Sales: Please contact Gen via email