Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Jane Peng | Fine Art, Paintings |
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‘Originally from Hong Kong, I am a local artist based in Sydenham, London. My main medium is acrylic on canvas, and my art explores landscapes – not the ones we see in the physical world, but the landscapes of our inner world. I feel that to live is to subject ourselves to all sorts of encounters, some of which are delightful and empowering, whilst others are more hurtful and corrosive. The intensely personal experiences and emotions that we’ve lived through all leave their mark on our mental state, even though we often struggle to describe it in words.
So, I turn to art for the answers. I imagine fear and disappointment carving canyons into the bedrock of our minds, leaving cliffs down which we may fall in the future. But I also imagine moments of pride and triumph soaring high above the horizon, like mountain chains that will weather the worst of the storms. All these moments we experience create the landscape within us, shaping who we are and the choices we make in the future. If we can visualise the effect of our life’s journey on the terrain of our hearts and minds, perhaps we can understand ourselves more clearly and chart a better path for us to walk. That is what my art sets out to capture and explore.
As an artist, I also take on commissioned work; if you are looking to commission a painting, please contact me at for a chat.’