Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Jayne Williams | Jewellery |
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Jayne Williams began creating jewellery about 20 years ago as a way of managing stress.  

Following the chance discovery of an amazing bead shop that specialised in semi-precious stones, she discovered she had a talent for bead work and was bitten by the “beaders bug,” leading her to hunt anywhere she visits in the world for interesting stones and beads to incorporate into her creations.

In 2007, not satisfied with just beads, she decided to study jewellery design at her local college in Lewisham, South London, gaining the City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Jewellery Design and Craft.  Jayne has since undertaken a variety of short courses, including a master class at the Victoria and Albert Museum that resulted in a piece of her work being shown in a student exhibition at the V&A, Sackler Centre for Arts Education. 

Jayne’s work has continued to evolve.  She loves to learn new techniques and then apply them to her designs.   Her work now incorporates silver, gold and resin alongside semi-precious stones.  Jayne uses a variety of techniques including silver clay; casting; traditional silver-smithing; etching; resin; wirework and beadwork.  Just before we all disappeared into social isolation, she took part in the metal clay conference and had a chance to develop her skills further in the company of international metal clay artists.  As a qualified trainer, she loves to pass these skills on to others.

For her latest collection of chunky cast rings, Jayne worked in a very organic way and began by carving her designs in wax.  She doesn’t start with a plan or design in mind, but simply sees what shape emerges as she is carving.  

Alongside Jayne’s current collection of cast pieces, she has been focussing on developing pieces in silver clay (which is a compound of silver powder in an organic binder, which when fired becomes solid silver).

Jayne still has a passion for creating individual jewellery items and her influences are texture and colour with particular emphasis on nature and natural stones.

Jayne can create items to order and undertakes repairs.

Sales: Please contact Jayne via email