Artists Trail 2020
June 27-28
13 - 14 July
John Ward | Paintings |
Artist Trail Dates Both Weekends    Artist Trail Times 11am-5pm    Artist Trail Times 52 Longton Grove, London SE26 6QE

Paintings are just paint on canvas and to succeed they need to appeal immediately to the viewer.

These paintings represent a purely private passion; the tense but joyful experience of confronting the white canvas to embark on an improvised journey of discovery.

The titles are important to the artist because they are recorded clues to the context and manner in which they are made. The paintings are improvised images with a complex back story and their titles can sometimes clarify the meaning of the painting by reference to that back story. For example, the title may be a phrase from a song lyric such as the Beatle’s ‘Good Day, Sunshine’ or it is actually the title of a track playing in the studio at the time; like Slow Blues; Duke Ellington’s moving elegy to to his friend and arranger Billy Strayhorn. Another example would be This ain’t me! the pianist Mose Allison’s wry observation about looking old but feeling young. Other, more prosaic titles describe the time of year, a fleeting emotion or just the fragile memory of a window onto the outside world.

Throughout the past year the imagery and style of the work has continually changed because I prefer to move forward to open up new avenues and avoid tedious repetitions. To me, these mysterious paintings therefore represent exciting, unplanned journeys into an immediate future.

In the final analysis I would say these paintings are like diagrams of a meditation that visually aspire to the condition of poetry.