Artists Trail 2020
June 27-28
13 - 14 July
Kayleigh Shepherd | Paintings |
Artist Trail Dates Both Weekends    Artist Trail Times 11am-5pm    Artist Trail Times Forest Hill School Dacres Road SE23 2XN

As a keen participator / photographer of folklore revival events and a lover of portraiture, I decided to combine the two and create a series of folk based portraits. My choice medium is acrylic paint, but I also am known to work in chalk pastel.  I have been painting portraits for over ten years, mainly commissions but this series is completely from my own experiences, of people I have met and photographed. So far these paintings are based on people from events such as Hastings Jack in the Green, Deptford Jack in the Green, Carshalton Straw Jack and Carshalton Frost Jack. There are many folklore revival events that happen all over different parts the year all across the UK and I intend to expand my horizons to inspire more and more interesting portraits.