Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Kim Minuti | Prints |
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‘Our urban surroundings are often a source of delight.  The rhythm of seasonal change, ash seeds scattered on the ground, dispersed by the wind; find themselves outlining doorways and cracks in pavements.  The small things form a narrative, a lyrical contrast to our increasingly man-made environments.  The work becomes a visual inquiry of how these two worlds co-exist.   Surface textures often appear in my work to form varieties of line, texture and shape within the prints. 

A printmaker based in South East London, I hope my work encourages us to explore through sensory experience, the moments and the places that surround us and our personal conversations with them.  The work embraces abstract pattern and shape, alongside elements drawn from nature.  

Nature has become a common thread in my work and indeed my whole experience as a printmaker.  Recent work explores more hybrid printmaking approaches through a rich process of layering, often using screen printed veneers.  I have always struggled with the classifying of processes; my artistic approach is intrinsically explored through improvisation and exploration.  It is this practice of organic exploration where I feel most at home and happily lost at the same time.  Monoprint works often start with using leaves directly through the press to form subtly embossed layers.  This is where the stories begin to take shape.  Leaves, stems and seeds from my growing collection are also used to form the direct positives for my exposed screens.  Screen-printing allows me to celebrate the transience of the botanical world, in contrast to the mechanised nature of the process.  Decisions are often made quickly. The element of chance in the making process, pays homage to the cyclical changes outside.  Printmaking is a medium, a vehicle by which I can document and enchant. 

Recent work has been exhibited at Art@57 in East Dulwich and the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.  

I also teach workshops in small groups or as a one to one experience.’

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Most of Kim’s prints are unique one-off pieces and not part of editions.