Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Leila Khasal Jewellery | Clothing, Jewellery, Textiles |
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‘The work is inspired by art, whimsical stories, natural shapes, vintage collectibles and travels. The materials range from silver, semi-precious stones, glass globes with keepsakes, to charms and beads. The kimono sleeves are a new addition to my range being introduced this year. Fun or elegant, depending on choice of colour and pattern. Please view Instagram or email me for additional photos of closeups and different angles.

I’ve been making jewellery since childhood. I have degree in Art history, but I have always been drawn to jewellery making.  Being a magpie at heart I collect what I find beautiful and interesting, stories and visual impressions as well as objects and materials.  I find pleasure in the sleek and elegant as well as the colourful and ornate. I draw inspiration from a multitude of sources, art, vintage collectibles, nature, fairy tales, travelling and more. 

I have a few different lines, a range of sterling silver jewellery made in silversmithing techniques. ‘Charmy’ is a whimsical mix of charms, pendants and filled glass globes for the contemporary nostalgic. ‘Brights’ includes cleaner lines and bolder shapes as well as more intricate  styles working mostly with beads in materials ranging from, crystal to glass and acrylic beads. ‘Precious’ is made in a variety of semi-precious stones with sterling silver. 

In these galleries you can view a small selection of my work. In this 2D gallery the pieces are depicted in a straightforward representational view.  The 3D gallery has additional pieces and pictures. Also, I have had a bit more fun with the photographs. I hope you will enjoy them.

Look at Leila’s Virtual art gallery


For inquiries, purchases and additional photos: Please ring 07775 945880 or email me on There will also be more photos of different views on Instagram @leilakhasaljewellery #sydvizleila . I will add more photos of the sleeves on Instagram as I make them.