Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Sílvia Cristóbal Alonso | Photography, Prints | MA Camberwell Printmakers 2020
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‘My work is about my cultural background, identity and memory using Nature and the Spanish landscape as a vehicle of expression. I work with different media, especially photography and printmaking, and sometimes I merge both to create the artwork. Tradition with a contemporary twist plays an important role in my practice, mostly during the process of the image.’

Look at Silvia’s room in the MA Camberwell Printmakers 2020 Gallery

Silvia is a member of the MA Camberwell Printmakers 2020 –  a group of contemporary artists who share a passion for print. Their aims are to share diverse styles and techniques which explore the limitless possibilities of printmaking, to inspire and engage with a wide audience and to build global connections through ideas and images. The group is international and collaborative with artist from Spain, South America, Hungary and UK.

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Instagram 1 – Silvia Cristóbal Alonso
Instagram 2 – MA Camberwell Printmakers 2020