Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Fiona Cadwallader | Mixed Media | MA Camberwell Printmakers 2020
Artist Trail Dates From May 2020   

Fiona’s work finds its place in the English imaginative tradition which connects symbolic landscapes with an apprehension of the divine. Her inspiration ranges from William Blake and Samuel Palmer to David Hockney and Roger Wagner,  translating the drama of Biblical events into distinctively  local settings.’

Look at Fiona’s room in the MA Camberwell Printmakers 2020 Gallery

Fiona is a member of the MA Camberwell Printmakers 2020, a group of contemporary artist who share a passion for print. ‘Our aims are to share diverse styles and techniques which explore the limitless possibilities of printmaking, to inspire and engage with a wide audience and to build global connections through ideas and images. The group is international and collaborative with artists from Spain, South America, Hungary and UK.’

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Instagram 1 – MA Camberwell Printmakers 2020
Instagram 2 – Fiona Cadwallader