Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Pupak Navabpour | Photography |
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Pupak Navabpour is an artist working with photography and other media. She is drawn to the ties that she has to Iran, the country of her birth, even though she has lived nearly all of her life in the UK.

Her project Aleph examines the loss of her mother tongue. The title refers to the first letter of the Farsi (Persian) alphabet, and is also the name given to the shape of the mouth as it moves from silence to speech. 

Bibi is a self-portrait and Bibi is the name of the Queen playing card in the Persian language. The playing card was selected as it has two faces to represent two cultures however neither identity can ever be dominant. The Iranian face wears a headscarf as this motif reinforces a cultural difference from the British face. The British face wears a paisley patterned blouse, which is a traditional Islamic pattern. The items held by Bibi have significance in both Iranian and British cultures. Tea is significant to both cultures but the tea drinking ritual is also different. In Iran tea is drunk black in a small clear glass whereas in Britain it is drunk with milk in a china cup. The Iranian Queen holds the British style teacup and vice versa to further incorporate the blend of cultures and identities.

Pupak also works as a freelance editorial photographer and a photography teacher.

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