Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Sally Spinks | Textiles |
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Exploring the changing nature of class, Sally works predominately with hand tufted and knitted textiles to create artworks that question our relationship to the medium, and how we perceive our place in the world. She explores how socio-economic developments have shifted our notion of class as well as the increase in the culture of ‘me’ rather than a collective aspiration of ‘we’.

Sally also plays with the concept of code and how this becomes inclusive or exclusive depending on perception and sense of belonging. Through this exploration, she has made several works that explore our inability to talk openly about certain issues, including mental health.

Sally lives and works in Sydenham and completed her Master in Fine Art Practice at Goldsmiths in 2008. She continues to exhibit in both the UK and US and is a member of the prestigious 62 Group of Textile Artists.

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