Artists Trail 2019
6 - 7 July
13 - 14 July
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Artist Trail Dates 30th June / 1st July and 7th / 8th July    Artist Trail Times 11am-5pm    Artist Trail Times 43 Bishopsthorpe Road SE26 4PA

Terms and Conditions of the  Sydenham Artists Trail “Win £50 Cash” draw.

The draw is being promoted by The Sydenham Artists Trail team. Any communication should be to The Sydenham Artists Trail team, ℅ 43 Bishopsthorpe Road, Sydenham SE26 4PA or via email to or by phone to 0208 244 3117.

The Sydenham Artists Trail will take place between 30 June and 8 July 2018.

Entry forms for the draw are printed in the Sydenham Arts Summer Festival brochure on pages 31 & 32. Extra copies of the entry forms will be available at each Artists Trail venue during the Artists Trail.

There are no restrictions on who can enter the draw.

Entries must be handed in to any Sydenham Artists Trail venue by 8 July.

The winner will be decided by drawing one entry form for each draw from all the entry forms collected at the Artists Trail venues.

Should the first entry form be incomplete subsequent entry forms will be drawn until one is complete. The entry form will be considered to be complete if the required number of different Artists Trail venue stamps have been collected on the form and the name of the entrant and contact details have been completed legibly.

The draw will be conducted by Annabel McClaren, Chair of the Sydenham Society.

The winner of each draw will be notified by 22 July 2018

The two winners names will be recorded on the Artists Trail web site£50-cash-draw/

In case of unforeseen events the organisers reserve the right to offer an alternative prize or amend the rules of competition if necessary.

There will be two prizes:

1. Win a £50 cash prize!

Entrants must collect a stamped proof  on their entry form that they visited 10 Artists Trail venues during the Artists Trail.

There will be one £50 cash prize for this draw.

2. Win £50 cash! Find Pippa Stacey’s handmade glass

Entrants must collect a a stamped proof on their entry form that they visited 6 Artists Trail venues where a piece of Pippa Stacey’s handmade glass was exhibited during the Artists Trail.

There will be one £50 cash prize for this draw.