Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
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‘My artistic pursuits focus on abstract contemporary paintings in the forms of watercolour, gouache and acrylic on papers, canvas and screens. I enjoy exploring how colours interact to form unusual patterns and forms to articulate emotions. My style is vibrant, free and whimsical. I tend not to stick to one form of paintings, as I enjoy varying and evolving my creative expressions to externalise the many sides of my identity and thoughts.

I started my art with a cultural tribute to my heritage, and that I painted to experiment various forms of mark-making with “the void” in mind, a characteristic resembling those of old Chinese masters. I then moved on to create my large-scale paintings of 100x70cm not on traditional surfaces, but transparent plastic screens. This non-traditional surface allows me to imitate the process of digital art creation, as it gives the paintings a new characteristic of high erasability, while I can then revisit, deconstruct and reconstruct during the painting process before the final drying. The transparent backdrop also enables itself to interact with the surrounding. 

In recent lockdown time, I started painting with a special mission. My style has evolved to incorporate the therapeutic angle of art. I am very aware of the effect of the pandemic on people’s wellbeing, and that art has the healing power to people’s mental state. I started painting to personify positive emotions, or how that particular piece can help evoke certain feelings in the viewer. This approach is true to my artistic practice, and that I hope to bring happiness to people through art. ‘

Sales of original paintings, please email for a quote.  A4 art prints – £30. A3 art prints – £50. All inclusive of VAT. Plus a P&P of £5 per order.