Artists Trail 2020
June 27 - 28
4 - 5 July
Yoke Matze | Photography, Prints |
Artist Trail Dates From June 2020   

My work is inspired by LIGHT, the essence of life, 

the life cycle, nature’s everlasting flow of continuity, is a positive force,

nature provides me with the rich elements, which give shape and form to my wor.k

I was born in Haastrecht in The Netherlands, a farming village surrounded by beautiful polder landscape. It was here where I started my work as a photographer. My work is dedicated to my father who showed me the land.

My black and white photographic prints are an integral part of my contemporary art practice. I continue to make prints in my darkroom in London. In addition, I am developing my digital work through colour, exploring abstract forms.

In 1982, I settled in London where I earned a BA degree in photography at the University of Westminster. After some years working as a professional photographer I returned to work on a MA in Design and Media Arts, which I completed in 1998.

My work is represented in several academic and municipal archives in the Netherlands and the UK as well as books and journals. 

I run photography courses, demonstrating the technical aspects and focusing on ways of seeing and developing a creative eye. I assist artists in how to photograph their artwork.

I sell my work and I accept commissions.

Sales and enquiries: Please contact Yoke by email