Safe & Sound?

Text reading: in collaboration with Aisling Gallagher and Calum Perrin, Sydenham Arts Presents Safe and Sound

An Easy-Read translation and audio version of this information is provided at the end of this piece. If you have any other access needs, please get in touch – we can assist participants to take part in a way that works for you. Our email address is


If you are disabled and living, working or studying in Lewisham, we want to know what lockdown has sounded like for you.

Safe and Sound? is a participatory audio art project by and for disabled people living in Lewisham. This project is a collaboration between Aisling Gallagher, Calum Perrin and Sydenham Arts, supported by Arts Council England.

Aisling and Calum are autistic artists who have experienced lockdown in their own ways. You can read about and listen to some of their work on this website.

The act of listening is often taken for granted, but as their personal soundscapes shifted during lockdown, we began to listen consciously to the quiet of the outdoors, the newly audible sounds of nature, and the sometimes claustrophobic sounds of the domestic space we were now confined to.

We are asking disabled people living, working or studying in Lewisham to submit a recording of a sound that they associate with their lockdown experience. Maybe there is a creak in the floorboards you notice now, or the sound of a river in the local park you’ve gone to every week.

We have created some sound exercises to help you think more about sound, create interesting recordings and have fun while doing it.


In addition to the recording, please include a few lines about why you have chosen this sound. Has it been a constant companion during lockdown? Does it give you comfort? Is it anxiety-inducing? Does it give you sensory pleasure?

We will be using these recordings and written experiences to form part of the audio piece that we’re composing, meaning that the audio recordings you submit will be used in the finished composition. All sounds and experiences will be anonymous, but please do not submit anything that you do not wish to be shared publicly, and do not share personal details of any other individual without their consent.

Support workers, personal assistants and carers can help with your recording, but it’s important the creative input is guided by and from the point of view of disabled people.

You can submit the recording via email, Google form, Dropbox or WeTransfer. If there is another way for you to submit your recording, we are happy to receive them in whatever way is easiest for you- just get in touch.

We are also interested in doing some interviews to talk about your experience of lockdown. This will be socially distant and in line with government guidelines, or carried out via Zoom. If you are interested in this, please get in touch via






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Please submit your responses using the links above by 31st August 2020.